Labeled boxes in a moving truck

If you are relocating and want to pack your own belongings, it's key to remain as organized as possible. This allows you to keep a better track of your belongings during and after the move. It also makes things easier for your Milwaukee residential movers when picking up and dropping off your items at the new home. 

For a successful move, here are a few tips for organizing and labeling your stuff.

Label the Box by Room and Each Person's Belongings

An easy way to keep your items well-organized is to pack boxes by room rather than grab items from random spots around the house. As you fill up each box, label it with the room those items were packed in, such as living room, kitchen, etc. You can also specify whose belongings are in the box, if packing a bedroom or have roommates.

Use Specialized Moving Boxes

Protecting your items during transit is also vital. Consider using specialized types of moving boxes for different items during packing to ensure they are kept safe. 

For instance, dish pack boxes are double-walled and have inserts that hold glassware and plates separately to prevent cracking. There are also wardrobe boxes with closet rods inside. It's a cinch to transfer all the clothes hanging in the closet into the wardrobe box. If you are using a moving and storage company, they can usually provide you with any moving boxes and supplies you may need.

Use Color Coded Moving Boxes

Another option for keeping track of boxes so you can easily know which room they go in at the new home is with color coded labels and box tape. You can use brightly colored labels to show movers at a glance where to take boxes. As an example, red box labels can be used on boxes that go in the bedrooms, yellow labels can go on boxes with living room items, and green labels can be used on kitchen boxes.

Use Packing Materials

Take protecting your belongings during a long-distance move in Milwaukee a step further by using packing materials around them. There are a variety of options to use as filler, including styrofoam peanuts, cotton or polyester batting, and custom molded foam for delicate or fragile valuables. Even if you fill the empty spaces in boxes with towels and clothing, it will help cushion your items in transit.

Create a First Day Box

Right after you move into a new home it can be difficult to find necessary items and personal belongings. To ease your first few days in the new home, consider packing a box of the items you use most often. This can include a few sets of clothes, hygiene products, favorite coffee mug and coffee or tea, and books, tablets, or games.

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