Deciding which moving services to use during a residential relocation may be overwhelming. A quick internet search can lead to many options. When it comes to determining whether you should go with a moving company or a moving broker, here are some things to consider.

Moving Services Provided

You may want to go with a moving company if you need multiple services with a comprehensive residential mover. A moving broker only supports finding desired services, and you may end up having to coordinate with numerous businesses.

Item Damage Protection & Reimbursement

Moving companies are bound by law to reimburse customers for any damages. They also often offer additional complete replacement value protection. Moving brokers, conversely, offer no reimbursement protection and do not facilitate any claims processes if damage occurs.

Reputation Research

You’ll likely consider past customer reviews during your search. Moving companies are frequently reviewed online, making reputation a transparent concept. Because brokers offer no direct services, they often lack reviews from previous clients.

Licensing for Interstate Movers

Moving companies must be authorized by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to transport household goods across state lines. They’re also required to show proof of licensing. Moving brokers do not have these same legal requirements.

Moving Trucks and Equipment

Moving companies either own or lease their trucks, equipment, and storage facilities. They know the benefits and features of each if you’re looking for specific qualities. On the other hand, moving brokers have none of this knowledge as most don’t own equipment.

Support Local Economy 

Moving companies support their local communities by employing area residents, paying local business taxes, and using other local providers for business support services. Moving brokers conduct business over the phone or the internet and may operate from anywhere in the world.

Final Thoughts

Moving companies offer several advantages over brokers while also providing personalized services. If you want a stress-free experience, go with proven long-distance movers. Behrens Moving Company has nearly a century of streamlined relocation services and excellent customer care. Get a free quote.