Everyone has their own approach to packing and moving. While some people might haphazardly throw things in boxes and hope for the best, there is a systematic approach that can protect your stuff the best. For starters, there are three standard sizes of boxes: small, medium, and large. Then, there are a handful of specialty boxes designed with special reinforcement to handle specific tasks that are common with any household move.

Here are the basic options that help pack everything safely and securely. While the standard boxes do handle most of the work more than likely your own things that just do not fit inside of them. Another thing that most people don’t think about packing is weight limits for the boxes. I am guilty of this as well, fill it to the brim and not worry about the bottom of the box giving way and creating more work, and again run the risk of breaking things.

So let’s go through a rundown of all the boxes and what you should be packing in them to help make packing and moving a little less stressful. These tips and tricks will make sure that your possessions will make the trip safely and unscathed.

Large Moving Boxes

These boxes are designed to handle bulky hard to pack lighter things. Pillows, comforters, blankets, and stuffed animals. These items are harder to fit in other size boxes and usually won’t push the boxes weight limit

Small Moving Boxes

With its smaller size, this may be a shocker for some people, but these are the boxes to use for the heavier items you may own. Things like books and canned goods and things of those sorts. They are also good to use for your keeping your smaller items grouped together

Medium Moving Boxes

These are the most versatile boxes available for moving. They can accommodate most items that you need to pack. Just make sure that you don’t over-pack them pushing their weight limit.

Dish Pack Boxes

These boxes come with separate dividers in them designed to hold your glassware, dishes, and other smaller fragile items that you want to keep safe during the move.

Wardrobe Boxes

If you have any clothing that you need to keep in good shape. A nice tuxedo, or a wedding dress or another type of formal wear, this is the box you need. This is a longer box that contains a metal rod to hang your clothes to keep them wrinkle-free and safe.

Electronic Boxes

This box is designed with thicker walls to keep your expensive electronics safe. Things like gaming consoles, stereos, pcs, and smaller televisions and monitors.

Television Boxes

These like the electronic boxes are built with thicker walls and are much larger in size that will accommodate large flat screen TVs.

Mattress Bags and Boxes

Big surprise but these are designed to protect your mattress and box springs. Plastic bags will help prevent your mattress from getting dirty. For a small extra cost a mattress box will provide some extra protection with most varieties have handles built in to make moving them easier. 

Picture and Mirror Boxes

These are larger boxes that help protect hanging wall art and glass mirrors, with handles built in to help aid in moving and carrying.

Extra Tall Boxes

These boxes help with packing and moving tall items. Things like fishing rods, floor lamps, and gold clubs would be good to put in these boxes. 

File Box

If you don’t feel like leaving your paperwork in your desk or filing cabinet, then this is the box for you. This box is made to hold all of your files and paperwork, keeping them organized during the move.

Custom Crates

If you have larger items that you need protection but are too big for a box, you need to contact a professional moving company, like Quality Moving and Storage, to set up wooden crate shipping. These are large enough to handle everything from furniture to motorcycles.

Final Thoughts on Moving Boxes

With these pro tips you should be able to safely pack and move everything in your home to your new location. If you are like me and prefer to have someone else, do it, call Quality Moving and Storage. For over 30 years they have been making sure that customers in New York and the surrounding New Jersey area move. They can be your local residential movers, or your long-distance movers for across the country. Your move will go smoothly with their expert and professional work.