Are you in the middle of a relocation? If yes, you'd need these precautions to keep your house safe from harm while moving. Having over 90 years of experience in all things moving, Behrens Moving Company understands the stress that comes with moving and the importance of protecting your home from damage. 

To help you relocate without a hitch, we've put together the following tips below to help you:

Protect Your Lawn With Cardboard or Plywood

In the event that you have a path to your door on your lawn, you'll likely see a lot of foot traffic on it. Moving trucks and other people can damage your lawn, so it's best to remove any items from the lawn that could be trampled. Protect your lawn by placing protective coverings like cardboard and plywood to lessen the impact of walking on it.

Protect Your Floor From Foot Traffic With Plastic Wrap

When moving, experiencing foot traffic on your floor is inevitable. It can lead to damage to your floor, particles of dirt, and stains. Lay some plastic wrap on the floor to catch the dirt and other particles that may fall on your carpeted floors. Additionally, a professional moving company like Behrens will bring their own protective flooring equipment to ensure the safety of your flooring during the move.

Wrap and Pad Your Wood Fixtures

Protecting your home's wood fixtures from scuffs and dings is critical when moving. Protect your home's delicate fixtures, such as doorways and stairwell banisters, by having a professional mover use padded blankets to cover them while moving. If you prefer, you can wrap them up yourself.

Take Down Your Window and Wall Decors

When it comes to window and wall decor, the best thing to do before a move is to remove them all. Not doing so puts your belongings at risk of being damaged by movers. When moving things around your house, the residential movers may not always have a direct view of things and may bang into some of your decors or knock them down, leading to damage.

Seal Up Liquids and Powders 

Liquids and powders should be handled with extra care when packing for a move. Keep liquids and powders secured or properly closed before the moving day to avoid any mishaps on your new home's pristine walls and flooring. A lack of attention can lead to accidental spills, which can, in turn, lead to stains and damage, as well as additional cleaning time. Liquids and powders you no longer find useful should be thrown away before the move.

Clear Out Your Garage for the Move

Your garage is probably crammed with chemicals, oils, and other dirty products. Get rid of old gas and oil before the movers arrive, as the movers will not move these materials. Be sure to also put out any lawnmowers and other equipment to ensure no fuel and chemicals are left lingering around. 

Trust the Best Residential Movers in Milwaukee for Your Relocation

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