Everything seems all sleek and easy on the eyes until you’re ready for a change of location. Moving your large, fragile items can be quite a daunting task because, without adequate care and attention, such items can break easily. Hiring professional Milwaukee long-distance movers can solve your moving problems. However, you may want to get it done yourself. It’s possible to have all your breakables and valuables like mirrors and large HD TVs arrive at your new destination in one piece. Our tips will help you move such items with ease, just like a pro!

Proven Tips for Moving Large, Fragile Items in Milwaukee

Start With the Right Tools

Just like a pro, you need the right tools to get going. You’ll be moving large, fragile items like mirrors and art pieces, so it’s important that your packing boxes are big-sized, sturdy, and covered with packing tape. You can also lay each one on a large table before figuring out how to place them. For such items, you might also need some extra pair of hands to wrap and move them.

Label Your Boxes Properly

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t have labels on boxes that scream out the name of the item placed inside. If you’ve got a large box carrying your antiques or sculptures, a label to indicate that does wonders for you. Anyone who comes across the box immediately knows not to tamper with the item inside. Besides, having labels on your boxes helps during unpacking and organizing your new home.

Use Packing Papers and Soft Materials as Extra Layers of Protection

It’s not enough to have big and strong boxes to pack your large, fragile items. You need an extra layer of safety to ensure that nothing is left to chance. When packing your artworks and large mirrors, get enough packing materials and shock-absorbing layers of soft materials. Place them under the fragile items, and then use extras to fill out the pockets of spaces surrounding your items. That gives you an essential second layer of protection to safeguard your large, fragile items.

Don’t Over Stack Boxes

While it’s a good idea not to leave empty spaces in a box, it doesn’t mean that you should stack up every possible inch. For example, if you’re moving a large HD TV set, the chances are that it comes with extra cables, a stand, and some other accessories. Place these items in another box rather than in the same space as your TV. The same thing goes for large sculptures that can be assembled in your new space.

Talk to an Expert

No one conveniently moves large, fragile items more than an expert trained to do so. You can engage professional movers who have the resources, manpower, and know-how to plan and execute your move to perfection. With the help of professional movers, you enjoy standard moving techniques to protect your large, fragile items.

Take Precautions to Protect Your Investment

Every large, fragile item in your possession probably costs some hard-earned money and has sentimental value. Before handing them over to a professional company, take pictures and inventories of your items, and pay for full valuation coverage for reimbursement in the event of damage.

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