Hiring the right residential movers in Milwaukee is a must if you want to have confidence that your belongings will be handled properly. It’s even more important if you’re move includes collectibles.

Whether your collection includes vintage instruments, dolls, fine handbags, antiques, or ancient artifacts, you need Milwaukee long-distance movers with the right kind of experience—and the team at Behrens Moving Company has it!

Here are some of our top tips to keep in mind when moving collectibles.

Protecting Smaller Items

In some ways, moving large items, such as furniture, is easier than caring for smaller collectibles. If not properly wrapped and packed, it’s very easy for small collectibles to be damaged in a move.

Experienced movers will guard against this by using quality materials, such as packing paper, packing peanuts, boxes with dividers, and bubble insulation. While some choose to pack their own collectibles, opting for professional packing and unpacking service is the best way to ensure the job is done right.

Small details, such as ensuring no tape comes in contact with sensitive surfaces, are easy for amateur packers to overlook, but those are the very details experienced movers pay attention to, ensuring your items are safe.

Moving Large Collectibles

Preventing shifting during a move is important to prevent damage for larger items, and crating is one of the best ways to do this. When properly crated, the crate itself will absorb the impact of any shifting, thus protecting the item inside. Crates can be custom fitted to your item for maximum protection.

Wrapping items with moving blankets is another option that may be suitable for items that are not necessarily fragile but for which you want to avoid scratching and other surface damage.

The Importance of Protection Planning

As you plan your move, you’ll be asked to select protection. Moving companies are required to provide basic valuation coverage at no cost. This is called Released Value Protection, and it provides reimbursement for damaged items based on the weight of the item. This type of coverage is usually insufficient for collectibles, so it’s best to consider paying for Full Value Protection, which provides more thorough coverage.


Consider transporting them yourself if you have smaller, high-value collectibles, such as jewelry, stamps, or card collections. If that isn’t an option, consider a fully insured shipping service.

Warehouse Storage and Collectibles

The thought of storing a collection in a warehouse is very unappealing to most collectors, but there are times when it cannot be helped. If you need to store your collection, choose storage where the collectibles can be enclosed in wood vaults. Of course, you’ll also want a warehouse that has fire and theft protection in place and, if needed for your particular collectibles, is climate controlled.

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