If you have antique furniture in your home that’s collectible, sentimental, or just special to you, you’ll likely want to make sure that you move it carefully so it doesn’t experience any damage. (In fact, you might have been cautious of moving it at all, because you don’t want to damage it.)

Fortunately, with some expert tips from Milwaukee movers, you can move your china cabinet, credenza, or armoire with ease. As highly-rated Milwaukee residential movers, we’re sharing these insider tricks today to ensure that your move is as simple as can be. 

Here’s what you need to know. 

Use Wrapping Techniques with Blankets to Shield Furniture

Worried about scratches on some of your more sentimental pieces? 

Don’t fear: You can simply wrap your bedroom set or canopy bed in soft blankets, so if they move while you’re en route, they’ll be cushioned easily. As an added bonus, using blankets in this way can make it easy to avoid having to find another way to store or transport bulky fabric. 

Plastic Wrap to Keep Furniture Firmly In Place

If you really don’t want to have your larger pieces of furniture (like your sofa, chairs, bureau or desk) shift in transit, plastic wrap them to keep them firmly in place. When you use lots of plastic wrap together with moving blankets, you’ll be much more likely to avoid cracks or breaks on your precious antique furniture. 

Consider Custom Crating to Get What You Need

When you have a particularly fragile or sentimental piece that you want to be absolutely sure is not harmed during your move, your best bet is to commission a custom crate to be made for that piece of furniture. While this sounds like it may be expensive, it doesn’t need to be: Many moving companies offer affordable rates on custom crating. If you consider the cost compared to losing or repairing your expensive piece of furniture, too, the cost becomes negligible. 

At Behrens Moving Company, we provide full-service, comprehensive moving. Whether you need assistance with wrapping furniture, professional packing, or custom crating, we can’t wait to assist. We can also help with short-term storage. Give our team at Behrens Moving Company a call today to discuss how to make your upcoming relocation easy.