Behrens Moving Company has been moving Racine residents all over the world since 1926. During our time in the industry we’ve completed all types of moves, gathering wisdom and honing our skills. One thing we know for sure is that summer is the most popular moving season, and if you want a hassle-free move, there are some things you need to know. 

Plan Ahead

Summer is undoubtedly the busiest time of year for household moving. Whether you plan on hiring household movers or you’re renting a truck on your own, you’ll need to start making arrangements as early as you possibly can-it’s never too early to start making plans for your summer move. 

Move at the Right Time

Sometimes you’re unable to book a moving truck or schedule professional Racine movers a year in advance and you have to make do with short notice. Summer is the busiest season for moving, but there are days that have less traffic than others. Moving in the middle of the month and the middle of the week is likely to be far less of a hassle than moving the first or last weekend of the month. 

Pack Smart

Keep track of the weather leading up to your move and be sure that you pack the right items in the right places. Candles are one of the messiest mistakes people make when moving in the summer, and DVDs and CDs can warp in the heat, so be aware of what items you’re placing in a truck and what you’re keeping with you. You can make the packing and moving process easier by choosing Racine residential movers that offer climate-controlled trucks, like Behrens Moving Company!

Stay Hydrated

While Racine isn’t noted for sweltering 100+ degree days, it’s still important to make sure you take in plenty of water. Moving is a very physical activity and when you factor in summer heat, even if it isn’t record-breaking, you risk dehydration. Be sure to carry water bottles with you so you always have a drink on hand. 

Ready for more moving tips? Get in touch with the expert Racine movers at Behrens Moving Company today to learn more about our moving solutions. Give us a call to schedule an in-home consultation or fill out our convenient online form to request a free, no-obligation moving quote.