Milwaukee residential movers

With seasonal harvests, exciting outdoor activities, and color-changing foliage, autumn is the perfect time to appreciate the natural beauty of Milwaukee. But did you know it’s also a great time to move?

By moving in the fall, you can escape the summer heat and take advantage of the off-season, which often gives you more access to resources and more flexibility. However, autumn in Milwaukee does pose some unique weather-related challenges that you’ll have to keep in mind.

With decades of experience in Wisconsin moving, our Milwaukee residential movers have five fall moving tips to help you through any autumn move.

1. Check the weather forecast.

This one is pretty obvious: regularly check the local weather forecasts. Every Milwaukee autumn sees at least a few unexpected climate events, whether sleet, freezing rain, or ice storms. If you’re handling your move alone, stay updated about the weather and alter your schedule if necessary. It may be inconvenient, but your safety is more important. If you’re working with a Milwaukee moving company, just keep in touch with your move coordinator!

2. Have an emergency plan.

Even if you’ve dutifully followed tip #1, you may still find yourself in an unexpected emergency. From early ice storms to flat tires to sick children, you never know what might happen on moving day.

To remain calm, write out an emergency plan beforehand. If you’re driving to your new destination, have some pit stops and hotels already picked out. Ask a friend to be available in case your children need care. Talk to your Milwaukee residential moving company about your emergency plan, too, so that they know how to best support you.

3. Pack and load safely.

Fall foliage is beautiful, but it can be a real hazard as you or your Milwaukee movers load boxes. Keep a rake or broom handy on moving day, and sweep away any dead leaves or debris before walking with heavy boxes in tow. Keeping clear pathways also prevents anyone from accidentally tracking dirt or debris into the house. Less cleaning and safer moving means a happier you!

4. Schedule your utilities.

Although Milwaukee’s coldest month is typically not until January, autumn in Wisconsin is still chilly, especially after sunset. To make sure your new home is comfortable as soon as you arrive, set up your utilities beforehand. Call your new utilities company a couple of weeks before moving day to confirm your address and start date.

5. Set aside some essentials.

The last of these autumn weather moving tips is important for any move, but especially for one that could be thrown off by unexpected weather. Keep with you a separate bag of essential items—including chargers, toiletries, spare clothes, and medicine—and make sure that your Milwaukee movers do not load it away. You may never need them, but they could be a lifesaver if something doesn’t go as expected.

With these helpful moving tips, you can tackle any challenge Mother Nature might throw your way. If you’d prefer to leave your autumn move to the experts, though, just get in touch with Behrens Moving Company—your go-to Milwaukee moving company with nearly a century of experience. Call us or submit our online form to request your free consultation and cost estimate!