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If you’re planning a commercial move, you want to make sure the entire process is as efficient as possible. But, with so many things to consider, that’s impossible if you plan and attempt to execute the move on your own. Instead, it’s vital that you search for commercial movers near me. When you do, you’ll discover Behrens Moving Company.

Our commercial movers have been planning seamless moves since 1926. Over the decades, we've built a company that understands the importance of pre-planning, scheduling, and using specialized equipment and organizational techniques to make sure your commercial move goes according to plan.

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Your budget and your schedule are extremely important to us. In order to ensure we meet your expectations for both, we customize a moving plan just for you. We’ll go over your questions and concerns, and we’ll even help you prepare your employees for the move.

We proudly assist with moves that include:

  • Office moves: With help from our office moving crew, you can minimize downtime and get back to work quickly.
  • Computers and electronics: Computer and electronics moving includes extensive cataloguing so nothing gets lost or misplaced.
  • Lab and medical equipment: We can coordinate moves for medical professionals, educational institutions, and facilities of all kinds.

A commercial move can get messy fast. If you’re struggling to get everything packed and moved all at once, ask our Kenosha movers about our commercial storage options!

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Your commercial move needs the support of a professional mover who knows exactly what it takes to move your operation, no matter how big or small. To learn more about all of your commercial moving options, call today and we’ll provide you with a personalized quote.

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