When searching for moving companies to help with your relocation, you should spend time interviewing the companies. By asking the right questions, you can understand if the moving company is someone you should work with for your move. 

If you don't ask prospective moving companies the right questions, there is a chance you will work with someone that is not a good fit. This article will cover several questions you should ask moving companies. 

How Many Years Have You Been In Business? 

One of the most important characteristics of a good moving company is how many years they've been in business. When a moving company is new, there are more likely to be problems during the relocation. An experienced moving provider will have already devised a plan to prevent common mistakes during moves. 

Can You Tell Me About Your Facilities? 

A trustworthy moving company will have an established business location that they operate for moving and storage services. By asking a moving company about their facilities, you can get a better idea if they have the capabilities to handle your relocation needs. 

What Are Some Of Your Affiliations and Accolades? 

Moving companies should be a part of numerous industry trade groups and verify they are active in the community. Additionally, having awards is a good sign of the moving company's professionalism. While awards shouldn't be the only criteria, it's a big bonus when searching for moving companies. 

Do You Have Feedback From Previous Customers?

When you want to understand what it is like to work with a particular moving company, you should research their past customer feedback. A customer will be more honest about their experience and if they would recommend the moving services. Professional moving companies should be willing to share their customer experiences. 

What Steps Do You Take To Protect My Property? 

If you want to ensure your property remains undamaged while a moving company hauls your items away, you should ask what precautions they take for your property. A professional moving company will add protection to your door frames and carpet to protect them during the move. 

Can You Explain The Claims Process In The Event My Items Get Damaged? 

If an item arrives damaged, it's important to work with a moving company with a detailed claims process. If you want peace of mind, it's best to work with a moving provider who can explain their process for customer claims. It would be best to ask about the difference between Released Value Protection and Full Value Protection. 

What Are Your Pricing Policies? 

When working with a residential mover, you likely don't want to get any surprises when you pay the bill. Moving companies should have a calculation for their quotes that include optional packing and storage services. During the interview, you should also ask if written pricing is binding or non-binding. 

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